Monday, April 14, 2008

Anti-EADS but Pro-Northop Grumman?

Although Tanker War Blog has never spoken ill of Northrop Grumman we receive a number of comments from NG employees taking us to task for perceived slights as to their company's Americanism. (Their word not ours)

For the record, most TWB contributors have the highest regard for the great American company that is Northrop Grumman. We would also add that contributors to this blog have over the years worked closely with NG to advance their programs in the public arena and on Capitol Hill. Programs such as the the B-2 Spirit, Global Hawk, the Arleigh Burke-class Aegis guided missile destroyers , the LPD 17 amphibious assault ships, the Virginia-class submarines, and Gerald R. Ford-class of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (Advanced EHF) spacecraft are but of few of those championed in the past by Tanker War Blog members.

We disagree with NG's choice of partnering with EADS on the tanker contract even though we acknowledge that the current duopoly in large civil aviation airframes left them little choice once they decided to bid. We continue to hope that through the strength of our posts NG realises that no contract, not even a $35 billion one, is worth partnering with EDS to sell Airbus airframes to American tax payers.

Regardless of our fondness for Northrop Grumman though, TWB continues to reserve the right to highlight any inaccuracies in tanker facts, figures, or statements regardless of national origin.

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Bill L said...

I too would like to say I think NG is a terrific AMERICAN company. While serving in the navy on board the Kitty Hawk I worked with what I thought was the single most awesome aircraft EVER, The F-14 Tomcat, Nothing will every be as awesome to me as was that fighter.
that being said I am appalled that NG would partner up with Airbus to build such an important AMERICAN platform as the Tanker, I know that Boeing would have utillized NG for some of the work as it is such a large program.
NG tanker site continually states that the GAO agreed with Boeings protest only on small items....I beg to Differ...The GAO RARELY sides with a protestor and when they do It is due to serious flaws, violations or other impropriety(s). Such as was the case here. People only need to READ the GAO report to see that this was NOT a Fair and open AND TRANSPARENT competition. As the GAO stateD If the AirForce did their job correctly then "Boeing would probably have won".
Now if the USAF truly wants a larger more spacious plane then by golly the 777 will make for a better LARGE tanker than the A330 platform. Boeing has been in the Tanker business too long to play second fiddle to a Foreign company...and lets face it The A330 is and always will be a foriegn plane no matter what flag you stick on the side of it.