Friday, May 16, 2008

TAnchorman Exclusive Video

Please visit TAnchorman's blog where he has an exclusive video of a 1/16 model test of new Maximum-On-Ground (MOG) enhancement procedures to accommodate the larger KC-30 tanker.

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Anonymous said...

Reading your MOG link I found that link
Nice to read.
On page IV-10 I saw a fleet of C-17 parking on an airfield.
Capacity for C-17 is 18 463L pallets,
for KC-767 19 and for A330-MRTT 32 463L pallets.
According to Boeing "the oversized KC-30" got "27% fewer deployable aircraft per field".

OK, I knew. The Air Force only wants a tanker but according to the Air Force a KC-30 can provide 31% more fuel offload at 1,000 nm. At longer ranges this advantage is even greater.

Isn't it an advantage to have a tanker with greater range to keep your airfields at the war zone free of unnecessary aircrafts?