Saturday, July 26, 2008

What do French Men Want?

It is not that we are insensitive to their needs, but TWB has never really wondered what French men want.

But, an alert female reader who was doing some research -for what we did not ask- has informed us of the answer anyway. Or, at least the answer according to Google.

Surprisingly, it turns out that Google thinks that what French men want is Tanker War Blog. If you type in Google search what do French men want (without quotes) the first entry out of 1,860,000 sites is Tanker War Blog. Specifically this post another contributer did about a question a French Air Force officer ask SecDef Gates during a speech.

As you can see below the number two site is while number three is a blog post on why French men wear Speedos.

To be honest though, beyond desiring the Air Force tanker contract, none of us at Tanker War Blog have any idea what French men want. Sorry ladies.

AmericanGirlsAreEasy says picking one up will not be a problem. But, if Sarkozy is any indication, before the French man of your dreams pops the question you will have have to be skinnier, better looking, and taller than him. Being a former model and a heiress is preferred, but not required.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see not all the humor has left the tanker debate.

Thanks for your work!