Thursday, June 5, 2008

GAO Ruling Preeptive Action?

In an extremely short Reuters news release, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, John Young, is reported to have said today that the tanker contract should not:
be undone over a possible small judgment call with minimal impact on the $35billion decision...

This is a strange statement, as it seems to almost be an admission by Mr. Young that the GAO will find at least some fault in the tanker contract selection.

This might have just been a slip of the tongue from the normally tight-lipped head of DoD procurement, or it just might be a planned move to label any errors found by the GAO as being minor and having "minimal impact".

Either way, we should find out in less than 15 days what the GAO rules.


Anonymous said...

the longer press release is there

no good news for Boeing it seems

Anonymous said...

All the sacndals That they claim from Boeing, But what about all the Scandals in the Air force right now, Next to go will be John Young and all people involved with this sandalious Contract Bush,McCain, Michael and so on. Inflated Job # By Eads This whole thing is Sickning The more i Read about all this and the Process it went through this time i am really getting &^%^ Taxpayers really Deserve better than this. and someone will say they deserve the best what will be the Kc30 I say bull This has more Scandal in it than with Boeing and Darleen Period.

ewaggin said...

anonymus -

Sorry, but if anything, the longer article strengthens the perception that Young's remarks are an attempt at prespinning a possible overturning by the GAO of the contract award.