Monday, June 16, 2008

TAnchorman Announces Winning Tanker Name

We would like to direct our readers to TAnchorman's Blog as he has breaking news on the Name the Tanker Contest.

Thank you all for participating. It was a hard fought campaign, but the people have spoken and a winner has been declared.


Anonymous said...

as it seems Tankerman Must be with McCain and Friends as the Finalist were all changed at the last min. Was this Contest Transparent Hmmm, Could really care less Because i like tankerman and what he stands for.

Tanker War Blog said...

We can assure you that Tanchorman did not use Diebold machines and that he faithfully counted all votes. He was forced to accept write-in votes due to a court order obtained by the West Palm Beach Chapter of the ACLU.

All protests of the contest can be e-mailed to the TAnchorman Accountablity Office (TAO) via

Tanker War Blog

Anonymous said...

I trully agree that all votes were counted truthfully. but someone must of had there hand under a table to allow a name in that was not even on the ballot as a finallist, if the tao were to rule on this decision would they also let you rule on the tanker i think you might be able to do a better job as i don't have alot of faith in our leadership or politicans anymore.?