Wednesday, June 18, 2008

KC-30 Ground Game Revs Up

In a previous post we highlighted some of Boeing's grassroots mobilization or "ground game" activities in preparation for the GAO tanker contract decision.

The KC-30 team has also been actively organizing on the ground in addition to their efforts on the web at (We readily admit that its a nice website and tip our hat to their efforts.)

Alabama station WALA Channel 10 interviewed Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine and several other local business leaders in its report on pre-GAO decision actions:
Mobile Chamber of Commerce President Win Hallett placed his opinion in the mix, as well. "Well we're always anxious until it's finalized, but we think this is an opportunity to re-win what we've already won. And, we are excited about that," he said.

Still, it might not be the end of what has been a long fight.

"We need political support obviously as we go down the road we have to make sure Congress doesn't toy around with and lifts the stop work order currently in place," said Nodine.

Tuesday, some of that help was demonstrated when a new political support network was announced. Local leaders in Mobile County have formed the Gulf Coast Aerospace Coalition in response to Boeing's challenges.

The network, founded by local leaders, includes 50 cities and counties in the Southern United States, stretching geographically from New Orleans, Louisiana, in the West to Tallahassee, Florida, in the East.

The Mobile Chamber of Commerce has been doing everything that it can to secure support for the city, as well. The organization has "been in touch with our allies all over who have something as stake in this project," said Hallett.
Contrary to most people's perception, political grassroots mobilization is expensive. But, if the GAO decision is not definitive either way, each side will spend as much as needed to get their supporters (voters) to demand action from elected officials. Given that this is an election year, the pressure will definitely be on Congressional offices to do something for their state's/district's economy.

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